About Us

CherrystoneIT, Inc. Huntington Beach, CA Headquarters

CherrystoneIT Inc.is a leading provider of IBM, DELL, ORACLE, CISCO, HP, Networking and Storage equipment.Dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the IT equipment market, CherrystoneIT Inc. is your best place to buy, sell, rent, lease and trade new and pre-owned IT equipment worldwide.

Founded in 2001 by two of the industry’s leading individuals, our sales team now has a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. The CherrystoneIT sales representatives are product and marketplace experts who ensure your equipment is delivered to you tested, configured correctly, on time, and within budget. Our team is highly competent in determining the most ideal solution for your company.

CherrystoneIT’s customers are able to take advantage of highly-competitive prices, flexibility of our solutions, and availability of our equipment. We keep a multi-million dollar inventory, so same-day delivery is available in most cases. CherrystoneIT looks forward to being your IT partner for today and years to come! Please contact one of our representatives to see how CherrystoneIT Inc.can start saving you time and money.

CherrystoneIT is an independent trusted supplier of computer hardware and networking equipment and is not affiliated with the manufacturers of the products it sells except as expressed otherwise. Any and all trademark rights associated with the manufacturers names and products are owned by the respective manufacturers.